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Hi, we are shinshin

Objects design studio based in Tel Aviv.

We create things considering the world environment.

Our work is inspired by the human experience and its nature. We use mechanical and electronic elements with reclaimed materials and craft methods to bring our vision to life.

Shani is an interior designer and Shay is an industrial designer. Together they design objects, spaces, and art installations.

Established in 2017 with the vision to design more suitable products for our changing culture.

Feel free to reach us for any crazy ideas and we will figure out how to design and bring them to real life.


Our Products

We use industrial waste materials to create our product line. Mainly wood and natural materials like metal and paper.

Solid wood scraps we get from local carpenters

Solid wood scrapes we get from local carpenters and use for our products.


Rooting vases for home or office environment.

If you love to watch plants grow, give them the proper place to do that.

Let go of your improvised jars for rooting and make space for your new propagation vase.

With our rooting vase, you can insert nature wherever you want in your house.

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Soap holder and trays

Made of reclaimed compressed bamboo beams for outdoor floor decks.

This material is super strong, solid, and perfect for moist environments like shower rooms and toilets.

We use the small pieces which usually go to waste to make those

beautiful trays.

The material comes from local suppliers material waste and get a second chance in this world.

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Previous Projects 

3D Figures for SYSAID Technologies

new branding launch

Made of reclaimed pine wood and 3D printing.

For their new branding launch event, we created those cute little bird figures and they were absolutely the nail of the evening.

The figures are part of SYSAID new visual language and to bring them to real life was a really cool challenge.

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Awards statues for Tel Aviv municipality

Awards for acting student compatition

Made of recycled paper pulp and wood.

The brief was to design a sustainable award statue for a student contest about Israeli author Natan Alterman texts into acting scenes.

We thought immediately about using paper as a material to work with for its context to the concept of the contest.

We used our own method of compressing paper pulp molds.



Awards statues for RIVERSIDE employees

Charcoal desk-sized trophies

Design by the brand identity of Riverside company.




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Pixel Boxes for JELLY BUTTON

Led pixel perfect sceens with a special softwear to upload new designs every day

Front desk and more boxes




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